Monday 20 September 2010

The Papal Visit

I thought you might like a selection of the pictures from the Vigil and Benediction in Hyde Park (and also one from the dinner!).

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John Robertson said...

After the 10,000-strong protest the pope march I wondered round the Hyde Park event. The people there seemed loooked quite normal. Strange to think they didn't share the long list of objections to Mr Ratzinger's opinions listed on placards and in speeches at the event I had just been to. Or not enough to stop them going to Hyde Park. I know that the children who were bussed-in didn't all have a lot of choice but there were plenty of adults too.

My first plan was a terrorist protest. I planned to blow-up condoms up-wind of hyde park and let them float gently in the wind. The trouble was finding which way winds blow in a built-up area so I went home.

Final impression: I still don't understand how anyone could object to aspects of this organisation and go to see Mr Ratzinger.