Friday 17 September 2010

Cameron on cuts

A great exchange in the Commons.

(Source- Third Sector )

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, urged local authorities not to do the "easy thing" by cutting money from voluntary organisations.

Cameron’s comments came in a reply to a question in the Commons from Julie Hilling, Labour MP for Bolton West, on Wednesday.

She asked what the Prime Minister would do to save groups such as Bolton Community and Voluntary Services, which has lost £89,000 of grants this year.

He replied: "We should say to every single council in the country: ‘When it comes to looking at and trimming your budgets, don't do the easy thing, which is to cut money to the voluntary bodies and organisations working in our communities. Look at your core costs. Look at how you can do more for less. Look at the value for money you get from working with the voluntary sector.'

"That is the message that I would take to her local authority, and everyone should try to work in that direction."

Let's hope every Local council chief exec and every council leader were listening!! Good to have such a strong statement from the PM.

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