Saturday 27 November 2010

Rock on , Dame Suzi!

Fantastic to wake up on a frosty morning ,putting the croissants in the oven, to spot the front page of The Times. The Chair of the Charity Commission warning universities that they could loose their charitable status if they don't ensure admissions from all classes in society. She is right on. And it's fantastic to have her using her position to speak out. She also warns of the dangers of smaller charities losing support and the problems for the Big Society idea if charities cannot play a full and expanding role. We all know that wretched local councils are slashing budgets for our sector. One Council Leader I know blithely asserted that " we will be able to fundraise instead ".

It is great to have the Chair of our regulator speaking up for us and asserting the role and importance of the sector. Speaking truth to power is at the core of our task. And whilst I for one will always assert the vital mission of charities and social enterprises in delivering public services I will aloso have no fear in reminding Governmentswhen they get thngs wrong.

It may be relatively new for the Charity Commission to tale such a high profile role but in these difficult times it is crucial they do. So rock on, Dame Suzi ,we need you ! And when we see the inevitable smear stories emerging about her , let's ensure our sector makes clear it's support for her. This is not the times for ducking behind fences or running for cover!

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