Sunday 7 November 2010

Cyclones and Presidents

Well, a cyclone and a President have arrived,both bringing chaos. Our last day in Ooty was a treat; a sort of trip down Raj memory lane. first stop, St Stephens Church,foundation stone laid in 1829. Immaculatly kept church and churchyard full to brimming with dead British Sahibs.There was a memorial to a " Hughes Hallet " in the Church, perhaps a relation of our very own Thomas Hughes Hallet, the CEO of Marie Curie! Then back into the auto rickshaw for a trip to the Ooty Club , founded in 1840 and perhaps the main reason people refer to this town as " snooty ooty ". As you would expect there are numerous mounted heads and tiger skins on the wall and the dining room has a range of photos from the days of the Ooty Hunt! the main point of interest is the billiard room,as this is where the rules of snooker were invented. I was shown round by the Club Secretary , only too delighted to be tour guide to returning descendent of an East India Company soldier! Next stop the mostly splendid Botanical Gardens , laid out with the advice of Kew Gradens back in the 19th century and the flower beds would not have looks out of place in a London municipal park. But enough of the Raj, it was back to Madras, getting there just before the cyclone Jal hits.

So this morning was a trial making my way by rickshaw to St Mary' Church for the morning Communion,surrounded by the memorials to a bygone age.......

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