Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Today; Lords and Cuts

At last. We hear the main outline of where the bloody axe falls. I have a range of Calls from Ministers fixed to "sell" the bad news and this morning one of my members tells me that IDS is descending on them after the announcements to talk about welfare reform (excellent he wants to do this!).

Of course this is only the outline of what size the cuts will be. The detail, and importantly how much the axe will fall on third sector bodies, will be decided over the coming months. I have heard yet more evidence that local Councils intend to slash spending on the sector. Adult care services, meals on wheels, transport for the disabled, home care, care for people with disabilities and mental health are all top of the list for Councils who want to protect their own and pass on the pain to others. As I heard from one Council Leader - at least you can go and fundraise! How disgusting.

So a busy day beckons. And the to cap it, if that is the right expression, tonight there is a reception in the House of Lords to mark my decade in post. Lots of members, friends and family, old Oxonians and assorted MPs, Peers and other movers and shakers will be rolling along.

Two old friends from Oxford are saying a few (kind?) words, Damian Green MP, the Immigration Minister and Gordon Marsden MP, the opposition Further Education and Skills Minister. And capped off by a blessing by the Bishop of London (good for all the attendant atheists).

Unusually I have even prepared a short speech myself just so you can have the pleasure of reading it tomorrow.

I guess the coincidence of this event on the day of the CSR is propitious. I believe that the skill and experience I have built up over the last 10 years in handling Government and civil service will be crucial in guiding our response over this next two years. My Leadership and that of my members will be tested. ACEVO must be there to support CEOs in troubling times. And to guide to the opportunities to deliver more.

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