Thursday 29 July 2010


Who was that wee fella sitting on the lobster pots at the end of the Pier, Blackberry glued to his ear? Why yes, indeed it was me. Conducting my weekly Directors' Group meeting by Conference call. This had the added advantage of my Directors hearing the glorious sounds of West Cork; the wheeling seagulls, the splash of the children playing in the water and the occasional boat pulling up to disembark fish and yes even a distantly mooing cow!

We had a lot to discuss. A Board meeting today and my upcoming meetings with Francis Maude and then with Lord Wei.

Then it was of to see some more cousins. Three of the newest; and I mean two weeks and eight weeks (that's the twins). We worked out there are some 60 Limrick cousins in and around Union Hall. So if you are ever there say hello to one of my relations; your bound to bump into one.

And now an unlikely photo of Bubb with a baby. Not a sight to be generally seen!

But the sights and sounds of Union Hall are fading fast. Back to my Board. A purposeful meting discussing our budgets and forward strategy and our stance on Big Society. Positive but an assertion of our right to define what it is and to speak up for our CEO members when Government does not get it right. But engaged at all times in working to get it right.

Finally let me leave you with a few lingering memories.

The Pier at Union Hall

Where we dined and drank (Murphys as you ask)

Brade Church

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