Thursday 8 July 2010

My Last Song!

No, I'm not about to enter a cave monastery never to be seen again.... "My Last Song" is a new and rather interesting website.

It's been developed by an old friend, Paul Hensby, who I worked with at the late lamented National Lottery Charities Board. The idea is based on the fact that many people do not bother to leave instructions about their funerals; songs, what they want left to friends etc. An appalling thought. I have certainly left my own.

You will like some of the content I suspect, articles that encourage people to leave money to charities, to set up in memoriam giving and for older people to work for charities as volunteer helpers.

There is a charity of the month, and many contributions from charities funding research into illness and support for sufferers. Anyway, log on here, and register to look around the useful and original Vault!!

Oh, and I found some tonic. Schweppes indeed (though the organic Fever-Tree I get from that great mutual Waitrose is better). So a proper G+T, ice, lemon and all that makes for a glorious evening watching the sunset over the Aegean.

Do you enjoy a couple more holiday snaps!!


Anonymous said...

There is a woman in your top picture who seems to be wearing an umbrella as part of the clothing on her upper body. Is this an example of innovative thinking?

Anonymous said...

My Last Song is an excellent website, for sure. I hope the Charity of the Month feature will result in people deciding to leave money to charities rather than often undeserving family members.
Some of the songs people want to be remembered by are excellent reminders of baby boomer classics.

Robin Bogg said...

Woman wearing an umbrella? Innovative thinking? Oiii, Bubb I can see what is happening here. Gerroff my land.

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