Monday 5 July 2010

Leadership Lessons?

I was reading our great new publication on How to Become a Third Sector Chief Executive. It has a wonderful set of tips on how to get to the top and stay there. See it here.

It made me reflect on how politicians do leadership, and particularly how we handle a change of Government in this country.

Is there a comparison with any new third sector CEO taking over at the head of a new organisation? What do you do as a new CEO ?

#. Motivate your staff
When you arrive in your new post you need those working for you to be inspired to deliver. You may think change is needed but telling them they are useless or paid too much is not perhaps the best way to inspire greater effort. This appears to be the opposite of what the Coalition has done.

# Blame it all on Past Boss?
It is sometimes tempting for a new CEO to castigate the previous boss. Blame them for financial woes, incompetence and general malaise. This is usually a bad move. You never know whether it is incompetence, or actually rather deep seated problems and intractable difficulties that have so far evaded solutions. Hubris awaits!
# Overpromise?
In starting the job you should never underestimate the task ahead and make overblown statements that will come to haunt you when you do not deliver.

# communicate, and communicate again.
In any new regime communication is vital. Telling your staff what you are planning and what lies ahead, and selling your vision. At least in this area you can give credit to the new Government.

But overall - in taking over the management of the country politicians seem to ignore the basic lessons of any new CEO, whether in the third or private sectors.

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