Tuesday 16 March 2010

How to tell the Tories what you think!

You may have noticed the sector - Tory Summit is coming up. On Thursday. Do you want to take part?

If so you can!

If you've questions you would like to put to George Osborne MP, or any of the participating Shadow Ministers, at Thursday’s Summit there are several ways you can feed in and keep up to speed on the action:

1. email events@acevo.org.uk by Wednesday at the latest;

2. You can text questions to 60777- type in ACEVO followed by your question;

3. Present or not twitterers can participate in the discussions using the hashtag #tssummit;

4. You can view the summit in real time on ACEVO’s homepage. Click here Log on at 10.30am for the opening remarks.

So there you go.

And we see Vince Cable on March 23rd. If you want me to raise issues with him then comment here!

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