Friday 5 March 2010

Gerrymandering, Cable and Foot

To say members are unhappy would be an understatement. There is huge anger amongst ACEVO'S health membership over the DH gerrymandering of the Competition Panel.

I have now written to the PM asking that the Panel's papers and their preliminary report are made public. We are backing this with FoI claims.

I am also asking for a meeting with him and a group of our health members to discuss the difficulty we are in with Andy Burnham's third sector is not our "preferred provider" policy. It is also affecting the "right to request" process. Why would any group of staff want to step outside the NHS and establish a social enterprise when they know they will not be commissioned?

There has been a lot of press now and the Opposition have taken this up. Dr Kyle, the doughty ACEVO DCEO, is hot on the trail and has been in the FT two days running. And the marvellous "M", my Head of Policy goes for gold with his quote that the DH have "snatched confusion from the jaws of clarity".


We have a hat trick. On top of our meeting with The Chancellor and the important Tory summit coming up on March 18th (bookings going fast as you can imagine!) We now have a session with Vince Cable, the legendary Lib Dem shadow Chancellor! March 25th. Will be good to meet and discuss our sector offer with him!

And now, something for the weekend!

A photo of the late and great Michael Foot. At The Oxford Union. And the splendid youth sitting at his right hand is none other than a glamorous 20 year old Bubb!! (Somewhat less hair these days!)


Robin Bogg said...

I can see which one is you. But who is oddly dressed scruffy bugger on the left?

Hubert Carrinngton said...

Quite right Robin - who indeed? My money is on it being Mr Michael J Fox, out of Back to the Future.

Or possibly that little bloke off of The Krankies?

Who can tell???

Mike Smash said...

wise words mate...