Tuesday 16 March 2010


A welcome day off on Monday and I found myself listening to Gordon Brown on Woman's hour! A good performance I thought, though he still goes in for those lists and mind numbing statistics. He was good on the issue of adult social care. Whilst there is criticism of the proposals I do think that at long last we are getting a debate on a crucial aspect of public policy which has been long neglected. His instinct, that we must support elderly people at home for as long as possible, is the right one. It's something Age charities have been demanding for years, and of course a wide range of brilliant charities make this happen. This is where the combination of caring volunteers and professional staff come to the fore; organisations like Age UK (if that is what they finally call the merged Age concern and Help the Aged) and WRVS have for decades been pointing the way to a better form of care, but have lacked the resources to really expand to meet the need.

And it is worth noting that the majority of people who will vote in the election are 60+. Politicians have been slow to wake up to the politics of age. Too much attention is paid to "youth" and not enough to age. But with us baby boomers fast approaching our free bus pass this will change!!

Well, only two days to the Tory Summit. You can follow it - if that's what you like -with one of those twitter hash tag things. I feel sure my colleague Robin Bogg will be well in evidence!



It has long been known that ACEVO is the coolest place to work in the third sector. We attract the best and the brightest, which is why the names of Elsworth, Kyle, Michell and Berry are so often in the media spotlight. What other umbrella has quite so much seriously stunning talent, he asks proudly! Who could disagree that with 41 staff we punch a mega welly above our weight It's a fun and dynamic office and we always have queues of people wanting to work for us.

So it is no surprise that our latest intern recruit is a TV star; David Wickenden, of 4 Poofs and a Piano; as seen every Friday on Jonathan Ross. He studied dance in Paris and his training also incorporated singing and acting. His most prestigious work included a year at the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris followed by a further three years in exclusive Spanish and Portuguese Casinos. This is his first foray into the third sector and he is doing a stint with Euclid, our splendid European Leaders Network. A great addition to the staff, though there is little room for dancing in the teaming ACEVO office and certainly no piano!

And whilst mentioning TV stars those watching BBC2 on Friday will have seen Holly Berry, daughter of our very own Jenny Berry, the fabulous ACEVO North Director. She was weaving, as part of the BBC2 craft season. Real charisma and talent. I am commissioning a scarf!

And finally; the early potatoes are in! I've given in to Allison Ogden-Newton's advice, though my brother is hanging on in there for a few more weeks of sun and no frost. And the garlic, shallots and onions are in, and I've started a new asparagus bed. A productive day off!

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Holly Berry said...

Hello, and thank you for your kind words! I would love to make a hand-woven scarf for you!