Friday 25 May 2012

Olympic spirit!

It's great watching the progress of the Olympic torch.I have just discovered the torch reaches Lambeth on the day of my next Board. I suspect my Chair might take the view I should be present for that ( board rather than torch!)

But I can see it in Oxford where there is a big jolly in the South Parks. Amidst the gloom of our continuing recession it is good we have both the DJ and Olympics coming up. I was at the Stadium in Stratford this week for a reception to celebrate the Paralympics. It's brilliant. Though I'm afraid they suspended the tube line running as I was leaving! Let's hope they don't do that during the actual Games.

Sporting clubs and associations form a strong part of our third sector and work with millions of volunteers throughout the year. We know in particular the importance of sport to good health and to social cohesion. If the Olympics leave a legacy of increased participation in sport that will be great. Though I have to admit that I'm a non participant. Too old. But my dog walking is legendary!

 Soon be off to Rugby for the appearance! Don't F it up my Deputy tells me encouragingly. Wish I had more time to prepare...... And then next week I'm off to Union Hall in Ireland where I and family will be celebrating another Diamond Jubilee; that of my mother and father. Staying in the Castle at Castle Townsend where an ancestor once ministered to the local souls as Vicar! Back in time for that other Diamond Jubilee!

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