Friday 4 May 2012


BTCV has been working for over 50 years to help local people reclaim green places.led by the indefatigable Tom Flood , ACEVO trustee , they are one of our foremost third sector bodies.  From May 1st, they have a different way of introducing ourselves! So farewell then BTCV!   Right now, with cuts in public expenditure, and one third of the UK's natural assets in danger of being lost or degraded, our work is more important than ever.     For a long time, people have had difficulty with the ghastly jumble of initials that make up their name.   The full name "British Trust for Conservation Volunteers" was long winded and they badly needed to simplify the way in which they were introduced and the arrival of a new Chair , Rita Clifton provided the spur!   So hello The Conservation Volunteers !  See the new website at , where you can see a short film explaining why they have made the change, and a copy of Roots,the supporters magazine, which has news about the work being carried out by conservation volunteers all over the country.   Even I have volunteered with them. Recently on their " Green Gym" at Regents Canal and a few years back doing planting in Doncaster where Ed Miliband and I planted 2 oak trees. I have to say I had to help Ed with his spade work. He was clearly more of a townie than I was! The trees are doing well. Thrusting forward and ever upward!


Roy Norris said...

Wow... 2 oak trees (or more probably) saplings - that must have been back breaking 'work' Stephen!

resistanceisfertile said...

A complete waste of time and money as these 're-branding' exercises always are. This is just branding executive Rita Clifton's self-interest & ownership stamping. What a boring and useless new logo too. A shame. BTCV; R.I.P. indeed.