Thursday 31 May 2012

Good for George!

Great news that the Government have listened to sense and exempted charity donations from the proposed tax relief cap.

Good to get this out the way so we can move on. I had a good call with Nick Hurd MP and we agreed its important to put this behind us now so we can get back to the agendas that really matter for the sector. This dispute was overshadowing all we did and harming the Government's attempts to promote giving and the Open Public Services agenda.

And congratulations to all the ACEVO members who lobbied and campaigned; and the wider sector who united behind a firm line and resisted the temptation to offer compromises or fudges. There is a lesson here for anyone who wants to take on the sector in the future. Don't. We have a power and connections that are stronger than you think. So work with us, not against us!

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