Thursday 31 May 2012

60 Glorious years!

No, not the Queen! My parents are celebrating their Diamond Jubilee Wedding Anniversary today,and the Bubb's have descended en masse to The Castle in Castle Townshend. And the sun has even arrived , though it has a habit of disappearing in Ireland!

As you can see it's a grand old place. A Somerville GGx7 was the Rector here and lived in the older castle up the way. They had replaced the Catholic O'Driscolls who had been turfed out by the English. The Rev Thomas Somerville had been turfed out of his living in Scotland by the Presbyterians and was made the Rector and given the castle so rough justice all round.

Anyway we all thought a lovely spot for a celebration. As you can see we were enjoying the sun whilst it was here!

And my parents enjoyed their telegram from that other Diamond Jubilee

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