Wednesday 9 May 2012

A disgrace!

Today 's Queen's Speech will contain one glaring omission. No Social Care Bill. The Government, like the last one, are going to duck the issue yet again. A disgrace because reform is crucial. And long overdue.

It is good to see that the sector has geared up to campaign for change. The Care and Support Alliance, led by the determined Simon Gillespie, CEO of MS and an active ACEVO member seeks to secure a sustainable funding outcome for social care and reform which makes the social care system fit for the next 20 years. Together with 85 CEOs and others I signed a joint letter to the PM published in the Daily Mail yesterday. This has demonstrated the unprecedented level of consensus across the sector for the need for action on social care. This was mirrored in very extensive press coverage.

We have achieved several important outcomes to date and we have more to come. This is just one piece of coverage that Simon did that was used extensively;

It shows the Daily Mail front page that we secured and a very moving case study that highlights our need to get the care system better funded and reformed.

Tweet out to No. 10

Our open letter has also been accompanied by a massive tweet out to No.10.

Queen's Speech

The Queen's Speech should have been the occasion for action. It will instead only promise wishy washy talk in a White Paper, so the Care & Support Alliance will need to intensify the campaign. ACEVO will be fully behind this and working with Simon closely to push the case for change.

Publication of the White Paper

The Queens Speech will promise one. Views vary about when this might be published anything from late May onwards. A dispiriting press report says the Government are scratching around for ideas . Anything but implement Dilnot.

Here is a chance for the Cameron Government to be truly radical and make a decisive mark on the future direction of the country. It is time for Leadership from the PM on this. Do it , David!

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