Friday 31 January 2014

Friday Fun with The Sunday Times

We received the following email from a reporter at the Sunday Times on the day after the Lobbying Act was passed. In the interests of transparency and openness, we publish our answers puiblcally below:

Dear xxxxx,

I'm a reporter on the Sunday Times and I wondered if you could help me out with the following. My deadline is this afternoon.

Is it correct that the charity receives £415,000 from the Office of Civil Society?

No. This figure is two years old. In the year referred to, ACEVO received around two thirds directly. The rest goes straight to other organisations. We are the lead partner in a coalition responsible for this funding and we disburse the funding immediately as part of that role. This funding has decreased year on year and from April this funding will cease as part of the Government cutting its strategic partner programme. Please see the table below.

Also received £234,197 from the Department of Health?

No. That’s an out of date figure. The financial year just gone saw us receive 195k. The coming financial year will see us receive 190k. Again, see the table below.

And received a £37,564 Lottery grant.

Yes, though of course this isn’t government funding.

Can you confirm if the charity receives 30 per cent of it's funding from the government? No that is incorrect. Per the table below:


OCS 230

DH 195


Government total 425

Total income (approx.) 2m

Percentage of total 21% .

As of next year the OCS grant will reduce to 0, leaving an overall percentage of 10%.

Can you answer the following: Are you worried about the amount of government funding effecting your independent judgement?

I think anyone who saw the extent to which our sector has come together to agitate against the attempt to muzzle charities and campaign groups during the passage of the lobbying bill, would realise that as a sector we are uncompromising in protecting our independence.

Are you worried about the pressure on charities from the government to do as they ask them to for fear of losing their funding?

As the leading voice of the sector, ACEVO is always vigilant against government actions that serve to muzzle or pressure charities. And we will never refrain from speaking out against them, in our sector’s interests.

kindest regards!

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