Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Rather a full on media day yesterday! "File on 4” (that splendid BBC Radio 4 institution)  were interviewing me on the Charity Commission and its failings. I was not coy. But then again "coy" is not a word one hears often in the same sentence as Bubb. It’s not just the failure of the Commission and its Chair over the Cup Trust, it’s the extraordinary lack of awareness that they  failed in their regulatory job. They fall back on process and the law. Regulators should be wary of using the "legal advice" defence as the CQC have recently discovered. But we have to work with the Commission in getting things right. And it is clear that a regulator with a case load of over 160,000 will be stretched. The cuts in their resource base have been shocking. I do not know how much of a cut they will take as a result of the spending review but further cuts will damage their ability to act decisively against abuse. It’s a shame they have so alienated many sector leaders by recent actions. Still, I’m seeing Shawcross soon to have this all out.

Then it was onto an interview with “Third Sector", our magazine of distinction and record. All ACEVO members get a free copy as part of their membership. I hope they enjoy my musings when they appear. And indeed the photo!  I had my haircut especially. I find it helps make me look younger!  Such vanity.

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