Monday 3 September 2012

The glories of the local voluntary sector!

Well, excitement in Hope Cove! The strong overnight winds yesterday tore 3 boats off their moorings and smashed one of them onto the rocks. But all was well by the time we went to the annual production by the Kingsbridge Amateur Dramatic Society in the evening.

" California Suite"- a really rather enjoyable evening in the Marlborough Village Hall. And I'm glad to report on my win of a bottle of Californian Rose in the raffle.

It was good to support the local voluntary sector. We forget how big a place amateur arts and sports play in making Britain healthier and creating well being. These entirely voluntary organisations play a crucial role in local communities and, with the rest of the charity sector- national as well as local- make up the backbone of civil society. It is a mistake to try and pit one part of civil society against the other. Local voluntary or paid professional staff in bigger charities.

A rather rural shot of me, mother and sister Lucy at my brother's cottage. As Dr kyle remarked; all that's missing is Miss Marple!


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