Monday 24 September 2012

Better governance.

As Nick Young said at our recent SilverJubilee Lecture , whilst the sector has moved on on size and professionalism , little has changed in our governance arrangements.

It's time for action. Hodgson offers a way forward. Today we have submitted our views on the way forward to Nick Hurd MP.

They are based on a survey of our members. This showed that amongst charity leaders 52% feel they have difficulty re ruining trustees. 30% believe there are problems with Board performance. And 25% would like to review paying trustees.

It is clear the majority of boards do not want to consider paying trustees. But as we point out to Nick , the question is not do we pay trustees , but do we allow boards that want to pay trustees the power to do so. In our letter to Nick Hurd we also put forward proposals for safeguards if boards decide to pay trustees so as to avoid conflicts of interest.

(You can see both my letter and the survey here.
It's time for action Nick. Don't fudge this.

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