Tuesday 6 September 2011

Have they no shame?

Bankers that is! It has been revealed that the bosses of the banks that we, as taxpayers, bailed out now earn more than they did before the crisis. Amazing! And what an example they set. Is there no price for failure if you are a banker? Bonuses are supposedly there to reward achievement, effort and work that increases the business. Clearly not for bankers.

Oh well, I must remember that the British Bankers Association warns us they will all throw their toys out of the pram and decamp to Liechenstien if we dare to stop their bonuses.

An interesting Monday! The top teams at ncvo and ACEVO had a get together to talk about how we work more together and we had a view around our new home. I have to hand it to Stuart. The work going on at ncvo is amazing. It will turn these offices into a really terrific location- a hub for us and other sector bodies. I hope other umbrella bodies will consider moving into the new spaces being created.

Of course we really need to have a name for this new " hub " for the sector. I'm keen on Third Sector House ( we could ask the PM to open it as he is so keen on the term ) or perhaps the Bubb-Etherington Memorial home? Your suggestions warmly welcomed !

My top directors and I had a viewing of our new home on the second floor. It will be fitted out to our spec so I have marked out my office spot. I generously offered to forgo an office and go Open Plan but Dr Kyle quickly put a stop on that!


Anthony said...

Whilst I agree with your sentiments entirely Sir Bubb I find it somewhat hypocritical of you to be accepting RBS support for your upcoming conference!

Dan Filson said...

You could call you new location the Bubb Hub or even the Hubbub, which is defined as a chaotic din caused by a crowd of people, an appropriate name surely for the collective vioces of the voluntary sector.