Thursday 1 September 2011

Bankers a'looting , Private Eye and Corfu!

I think that the banks use a different dictionary from the rest of us. One that has excised words like sorry,regret, repentance, remorse and the like. Clearly though it goes big on greed and arrogance.

I got off the plane yesterday and picked up the morning papers ; full of the sound and fury of the banks determined to carry on regardless and trying hard to ensure one part of the coalition government don't implement what we all know is much needed reform. I'm so pleased that Vince Cable MP is determined not to let the banks rob us again.

I was delighted to hear Evan Davies giving John Cridland a hard time as the " banks spokesman" as he was described, on Today. As he so rightly said to Cridland no one in the banks has ever said sorry or expressed any remorse , or even a thanks to the British people for bailing them out. It's clear they think we owe them, not the other way round. And their quick return to bunging themselves large bonuses show that like the bourbons they have learnt nothing and "regret rien".

And as for the childish response of the British Bankers Association who are loudly telling us , like a petulant child in the playground ; " well if your nasty to us , we'll take our ball away and play elsewhere, then you'll be sorry! ". The correct response to such childishness is , " well bugger off then".

There was also an interesting report in the Indi that said that there is evidence that the behaviour of politicians etc at the top of society does influence attitudes across society. The bankers should remember that their arrogance and greed set an atrocious example to young people. Whilst I'm not suggesting bankers get involved in violence, their looting of taxpayers money together with a refusal to allow sensible reform is as bad an example as the young people correctly arrested and punished for their actions in the recent riots.

Though there is a difference. The bankers have got away with it , no punishment. No repentance. They refuse to acknowledge guilt or allow sensible reform. We must hope the Government stand firm and implement needed reform.

That was not all that greeted me off the plane! Amusingly I get a text from Harriet Baldwin MP ( my vice Chair on SIB ) to tell me, " You have achieved life's highest honour - almost a page in Private Eye! All looks good to me. "

As you can imagine , the Office went in search of copy. Its rather fun. A collection of some of the pearls from my Blogs. I'm described as ,like Woody Allen's Zelig, Sir Stephen Bubb keeps popping up in important places.....he's a chatty little chap...a world champion bore on the third sector....almost a permanent fixture in parts of Whitehall ".

It's a piss take of course, but featuring in Quentin Letts and Private Eye is an achievement of sorts!

Although the jet lag is taking its toll I go off to the Proms with my old friend Alec McGivan from the BBC and David Fielding to hear the world premier of a new Cello Symphony by Graham Fitkin.

It's good. In parts. Perhaps could do with some editing. Of course I'm aware that history may prove this work to be hugely significant , in which case my Blog will condemn me! Yo-Yo Ma on his £2.2m cello was stunning , of course. But the highlight was the Beethoven 9th. Massive choir. Full Orchestra. The magnificent noise!

Back home to my niece Miranda who was baby sitting the Hound. She tells me she was sitting at the next table to a bunch of dining Tories whilst on holiday in Corfu. Oliver Letwin and an Alan Duncan, " looking ridiculous in a djellabas.

I said did she go and introduce herself as my niece but no, she was uncharacteristically shy. And to cap it all she wasn't listening in to the conversation. Shame!

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Sir Robin Bogg said...

It is hilarious that Private Eye have been taken in by your spoof blog. I am sure if there was someone already lampooning you they might be miffed that Private Eye had "lifted" their idea.

Sir Robin