Monday 19 September 2011

Expanding social investment markets; news!

I blogged on the work in Krakov on a submission to the EU on social investment. This has now been submitted. The response and , we hope, new initiative will be announced by Commissioner Barnier in Brussels on Nov 18th.

The submission from the Task Force for a European Social Investment Facility in response to the consultation on promoting Social Investment Funds as part of the Social Business Initiative.(See submission here)

And to aid the process a Social Investment Business task force is finalising a report we will launch in October.

This review has looked at the steps needed to a thriving social investment market and brings a ‘bottom-up’ perspective from organisations already using and seeking social investment, balanced with comments from financiers and policy makers .

It will be worth reading. More details in a future blog.

All this shows how much progress is being made to expand social investment markets. I'm looking forward to the first meeting of the Big society Capital Trust !

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