Tuesday 11 May 2010

"Stronger Communities"

So, we now have a Coalition. Interesting to see that David Cameron made such a stron reference to building stronger communities in his speech outside No 10 . It is our job in the sector to noe work with the new Coalition government to deliver stronger communities and citizen focused public servcies. A " Big Society " cannot be achieved without the active participation of the third sector. Public service reform required a bigger role for sector delivery. And empowered communitiers need the strong voice that the third sector provides.

There will have to be cuts to the public deficit. Our " Big Offer" to the Conservatives , made at our Tory Summit and accepted by George Osborne , was for cost effective and citizen centred srevices delivered by third sector organisations. That will be a key focus for acevo, working with colleagues in the sector.

But in working with the new Governent we will have battles ahead. Cuts may not always be beneficial to our work and our beneficaries . Francis Naude said he would expect us to hold their feet to the fire. And we shall.

The candles are burning away at ACEVO Towers as we prepare our letters to the new Ministers. But also as we develop our strategy for coalition. Our work will be cut out. No longer just focused on government but also on the Lib Dem Party , the Labour Party in opposition and Parliament itself.

And a persoanl prioirty for me: to see the Social Investment Bank , or Big Society Bank set up immediatly, with all the dormant assets ( and we will need to ensure the silly plan to steal Futurebuilders loan funds is scuppered.

I suspect next week will be rather busy!

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