Monday 10 May 2010

A decade on!

I took up my post in ACEVO in September 2000. What a glorious day that was. With our staff strong team of ten in our office in Harrow! Well how we have grown! Now the leading voice of the sector's leaders, making an impact both nationally and internationally. Our growth very much mirroring how the third sector has grown in power and influence over that last decade.

So, make a note of the date: September 23rd 2010. ACEVO will be celebrating a decade of Bubb. But more importantly, looking forward to a next decade which promises to be so important for the sector and our role in national life. I'm using the next few months to prepare a lecture on that fast changing decade and what we might see in 2020. After all, this last decade has seen a massive growth in the sector's workforce and turnover, our growing role in delivery of services and our advocacy and campaigning. How will we be in 2020?

And to be clear, the fact that ACEVO is now at the level of influence and power it has is down to the superb team I've been able to build up, and a strong Trustee Board led by some fantastic Chairs.

Leadership is not about one person. It can never be. This will not be just about Bubb. The mark of a good leader will always be the strength of the team they have assembled. Leadership must always involve the ability to delegate and to develop others. ACEVO is now seen as much more than just its CEO!

Now both in London and in Leeds, with a strongly committed membership. But the growth of ACEVO has been a tough journey. Some pretty awful days. Challenging finances. A rocky road to a good staff team. All the usual challenges any CEO faces in running a third sector body. But how rewarding as well. It's been satisfying to see how the sector has grown and to know that ACEVO has been part of how that has happened.

Our achievements have been strong and tangible; OTS, fairer funding (FCR and longer term contracts) commissioning reforms, public service reform and a stronger delivery role. And internationally helping develop third sector influence, as well as the establishment of others and, of course, Euclid.

But no leader can rest on their laurels. The current political dimension will mean the sector has to step up to the challenge of working with a coalition and coping with cuts. So my task, and the task of the team and ACEVO Board will be intensified over the next decade. So my journey with ACEVO continues.

So ACEVO is going to be doing some "envisioning" work (ugly term I know) about what the sector might look like in 2020. And therefore what ACEVO and its Chief Executive members should be doing to make a better society. If we have doubled in size in the last 15 years what will we look like in 2020. Will the trend to a more professional sector continue? Will our communities be revitalised by an empowered civil society? Will our voice in demanding environmental change,social justice and giving a voice to the voiceless be enhanced or lost?

AND as you would expect, a Party!

So if you have ideas or thoughts to contribute let me know.

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Robin Bogg said...

This is almost parody proof.