Tuesday 11 August 2009

Today yesterday....and fixing the future!

I'm getting some great feedback from The Today slot yesterday!

A sample:

" Good work this morning! It’s about time the general public were disabused of this 100%-to-charity rubbish. "

" Awoke to your dulcet tones this morning, which was a bit of shock for a Monday...Very good interview, I thought. "

" I awoke in a state of shock to hear your dulcet tones echoing around our bedroom – then realised you were opining on the Today Programme. "

"Imagine my surprise as I was careering down the M2 on my way to another exciting week at KCHT, to hear Edward Sturton introducing an item on the charitable sector!!! My ears prick up to hear him introduce 'Stephen Bubb'! At this point I slow down and start to listen way more intently!! 'It's our Stephen on the radio' I say to myself!"

And another driver listener:

"Good to hear you on the radio this morning as I struggled down the M5."

"just listened on-line - very good! John heard you in the shower but didn't catch the introduction and couldn't work out why he knew the voice

But the key to The Today programme is that we have had very positive feedback on the YouGuv poll and the Impact Coalition launch. We now need to take this forward and see if we can get the sector behind an awareness raising campaign.

So good news indeed as I struggled to keep awake in the afternoon- but at least I got home to plant my new apple tree; Discovery. I now have plum, gage , olive and grape trees in my garden at Clinks. Excellent to know that I am making a sterling contribution to the country as Minister, Hilary Benn, wants us to grow more local produce. So I am doing my bit! And my composter has arrived! Just in time to dispose of my useless lettuce. At least my tomatoes are grand - goodness do they taste so much better than the wax coated , perfectly shaped things you get in a supermarket !

The highlight of my afternoon was a visit from Diogo Vasconcelos. He was a Minister in the Baroso government in Portugal. He is Head of the Business Panel on future EU Innovation Policy created by DG Enterprise (European Commission) to provide inputs from a business perspective on priorities for future EU innovation policy.

If you are interested see their mandate and members here:

http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/innovation/policy/future-policy/index_en.htm <http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/innovation/policy/future-policy/index_en.htm>

The panel is due to provide a final report to the new European Commission in early Autumn 2009 which is intended to provide a major input to a new European Innovation Plan.

The consultation debate will be open until 31 August 2009. The results of the debate will feed into the Panel's final report, which will also provide underpinning evidence and rationales for the panel’s ideas and recommendations. This report will be delivered to the President of European Commission by the Autumn.

Consultation doc:


It's worth the third sector making a strong contribution and pointing out the role the third sector plays in innovation. No policy from Europe that does not give our sector a big role is worthless. So get your comments in. Pronto!

In our discussion we talk about how Futurebuilders ambitions to help develop a European Social Investment bank. It could fit well into ideas for developing social innovation in Europe and a new social innovation fund in the European Investment Bank.

Also have a look at the " Fixing the Future" manifesto that has been developed with Geoff Mulgan and the Young Foundation.


So that's enough websites- I'm off to breakfast at The Wolsey with the marvellous Nick Wilkie, member and CEO of London Youth, which he leads with distinction and verve!!

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