Tuesday 18 August 2009

Cyclists, idiot bankers and Dong a Daily calling!

Good to see George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor, taking such a robust line on bonuses and sacking the FSA. And the dear FSA demonstrated their surefootdness by attacking the Tories, so reinforcing their forthcoming demise.

And Osborne seems to have stung the Government into sounding like they too may take a stronger line on bonuses. The question is, is this just silly season rhetoric? Amusing to see various bankers taking to the airwaves to demand that we all continue to stuff their mouths with gold. Those with a fine sense of history will recall the return of the Bourbons. Or a more modern analogy might be the marvellous song "Je ne regret rien ". You almost feel sorry for them - their pathetic grasp of the basics of good PR and communications.

Now having praised Osborne I need to show political balance by commenting on the bizarre Tory proposals on A levels - dividing them into soft and hard subjects. I'm rather hoping this is a silly season story or a bit of red meat for the Tufton Buftons ahead of their Party Conference. Don't they realise that the growth industries of the future in the UK are in our creative sector, in media and communications, arts and culture and tourism. These industries are already big earners for our country. Admired world wide, not for our manufacturing but our talent in song and film, in theatre and dance! Let's support them, not undermine them. Or those in our schools wanting to follow in their footsteps. Our strengths in the future lie in health and education and sustainability as well. So whilst maths and science are clearly good in manufacturing, media studies or pottery are the income generators of the future. So please, Michael Gove, think again. Downplaying or denigrating these subjects may be good for a Daily Mail splash , but lesss good for our economic future. And the idea that politicians decide what subject is soft or hard is not very appealing.

News at the weekend of a rather awful accident to my parents. They were in Berlin and, crossing a pedestrian way they were mown down by a cyclist. Both stretchered off to hospital. And being of that stoic generation, we only discovered this had happened four days later as they were due back in the UK. No point in making a fuss! Ironic that my parents survived the fierce bombing of Chatham dockyards in the War only to come to grief on a Berlin street at the hands of a wicked, manic German cyclist. But of course all rather worrying for me and my brother and sisters. But the Bubb resilience will see them through!

So a depressing weekend was at least enlivened by an email from a journalist on "Dong-a-Daily". Obviously I assumed someone had switched the spam filter off and I was to be offered something unusual to achieve something improbable, or perhaps it was umbrella colleague,Robin Bogg, having a laugh.

But no, this is South Korea's largest selling Daily and they are doing a feature on UK charity so they want to interview me. ACEVO is big in Asia as you know (Japan setting up its own jacevo indeed!). So last week "Today", next week "Dong a-Daily", is there no end to the media exposure!?


Robin Bogg said...

I bet the cyclist was a banker. Sorry to hear about your parents' accident and I wish them a speedy recoevry.

Unknown said...

Here here. Sure they will bounce back just like Sparkles did. Enjoy your summer break with the clan.