Friday 28 August 2009

Au Revoir Hope Cove

Well , the sun was out as I popped over for the early morning croissants but drenched on the way back, the Hound running in front showing a strong distaste for a Devon windy wet day. But you can see just what a magnificent place Hope Cove is from the photos taken at the harbour. That is indeed me and Hound sitting atop the lobster pots!

But fortunately the sun was back out as I left for my return to Brixton via the Sharpham vineyard near Totnes. The vineyard is set in a glorious estate on the banks of the River Dart. The views are such as to remind you that England has the most glorious landscapes; ones that rival the sun parched vistas of Tuscany. Though one has to admit the rain is not a bonus! The farm here has been in existence for over a thousand years and the stunning Georgian Farmhouse was designed by Robert Taylor in 1770 and somehow epitomises the grandeur that is England.

I travel back on the train from Totnes , one of the country's finest railway journeys . The views of the sea from across the glass of South African chenin blanc as i sit in the Pullman car are really most agreeable . Amusingly I sit opposite an Indi film producer who has been in Exeter making a documentary. So we have an interesting discussion about the public perception of charity and how modern charity is viewed. It reinforces my view that we need a major national campaign to promote modern day charity. Proud to be big nd professional. Proud to pay our staff decent wages. Unrepentant about paying office costs. Yet proud of our impact and how we change lives for good. .

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