Friday 28 August 2009

Japan beckons ....

I am just getting ready for the flight to Japan tomorrow...I am a guest at the launch of JACEVO , the Japanese acevo . it is a great honour , and indeed enormously flattering that the Japanese third sector has decided to set up a representative body for their Sector leaders. Over a year ago a delegation from the Japanese sector came across to the UK to investigate how we ran our umbrella bodies . Previously a Japanese speaking colleague from the RNID had been to Japan to talk to their sector leaders . Anyway , the result of their visit here was that they felt that an acevo organisation was the right approach for them . And so impressed had they been with their contacts with us they have even names it JACEVO. Surely there can be no finer tribute to the work of our organisation to be imitated in this way?

So both I and my International Director , the irrepressible Filippo Addari have been invited to attend the launch ceremonies. This is going to be an interesting contrast to my week in gorgeous Devon! And the emphasis is on ceremonies plural, as there will be events in Tokyo , Kyoto , Nagoya and Sendai. They have asked me to speak for 80 minutes which may be a challenge even for me ! The poster above ( with the rather flattering picture of yours truly in front of cherry blossom) has been posted in many third sector offices. And they have a crowded programme with Mayors , Vice Chancellors , temples and hot springs....the Blogs will make interesting reading I'm sure!

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Rick Holland CFRE said...

That's quite an honor, Stephen. Well done!