Wednesday 5 November 2014

Its 62 and going strong

I've always thought that today's big fireworks shows are in honour of my birthday today but Guy Fawkes usually steals the show. I wonder if his example of upsetting the establishment has influenced my career? 

Of course 62 is no age these days. As my team reminded me Disraeli became PM at 70 and Gladstone formed his 4th administration at 84. So you will be seeing much more of Bubb in his 6th decade. Joy!

I usually take the day off for my birthday but this year its not exactly worked out that way. We are finalising the Winterbourne report so it can be launched at end November ( it needs first to be put in easy read) and I have various meetings on social finance and our new leadership programme.

But don't feel too sorry for me. Its lunch at the Ivy and dinner at the Shard. Reaching 62 needs to be celebrated in style. 

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