Monday 4 March 2013


What better place to enjoy the rare March sun than the Brasenose boathouse watching my nephew row for his College? And the Hound came too; she was the belle of the ball and her close attention to the barbeque was a marvel ( and paid off handsomely).

My sister Sara came up to see her son Oliver row.

Oliver is reading economics when he is not rowing and I plan on him becoming Governor of the Bank of England.

My old College was looking gorgeous in the sun. I know it was 40 years ago since I was here; indeed, as I reminded my nephew I coxed the Christ Church boat in torpids in 1973!

Now that's enough reminiscence. I'm off to the Department of Health to persuade Norman Lamb MP to stand firm on regulations to ensure fair commissioning and to allow charities to play a bigger role in tackling the huge challenges the NHS face. After the horror of the Francis report who can doubt that radical change in how the health service commissions is needed.

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