Friday 8 March 2013


One of the real issues Chief Execs face is finding the right space to talk about issues that affect staff and trustees when you can't discuss them internally. It's one of the main reasons ACEVO was set up 25 years ago. Where to go to whinge about the Chair's latest mad idea. Or the deeply irritating member of staff who has been wittering on about their "job description". Or how to sack someone who is going to be looking at their tribunal rights. You get the picture! And not to be so pessimistic, also a chance to get ideas from other Chiefs on how they manage change!

It's one of the reasons we run so many events so it provides a forum for the connection between peers. Over the years people have whinges at me about doing more in the North. In fact we do a lot (and a darn sight more than some other organisations I could mention!). One of the things we do is hold regional CEO leadership forums. We are holding them monthly in the 3 north regions and in the south west and Wales. It’s a big commitment but one we regard as vital! So I'm hoping they will be packed out. I know one we held recently had only 6 people, which is somewhat frustrating when you get told you don't do enough in the North and then when you so those people then don't turn up! Not that I'm whinging! Obviously.

The next one in Sheffield has Ed Cox, Director, IPPR North, and Northern Economic Futures Commission Deputy Chair , speaking about his report - ‘Taken for Granted – The needs of small voluntary and community organisations in a big society era’. Ed will discuss his recent study into the ways in which small voluntary and community sector organisations utilise and receive finding and work more closely together. My Director, Jenny Berry is leading on this. That is when she is not fielding calls to our Chief Executive in Crisis Helpline. Amazingly she has had 10 referrals in the last week. It is stark evidence of the funding pressure on our sector, which when coupled with poor governance is a lethal combination.

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