Wednesday 6 June 2012

Leadership as diligence

I have to admit it was a sluggish start to work today. Jubilated out. A week's abstinence from the grape is called for!

I had a ring side view for the river pageant; front of Lambeth bridge. And what a spectacle that was. The Royal Barge with the backdrop of the Palace of Westminster; the sounds of the jubilee bells peeling and the rain ( perhaps a mistake to wear my panama? ).

But the highlight for me was the service of thanksgiving in St Paul's. An interesting reflection on leadership in the Archbishop's sermon. Quoting St Paul ( Romans 12 ),

" We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us...the leader, in diligence ".

The Kings James version has it, " he that ruleth , with diligence "

Looking up the meaning we get " earnest and persistent application to an undertaking" or "persevering determination".

We don't often think of leadership in those terms. More of inspiration or charisma. Diligence sounds so boring; a rather victorian word one used to see in school reports , " Bubb needs to be more diligent in his homework". After all I often argue attention to detail is someone else's job.

But its an interesting reflection. It is the job of the Chief Executive to be diligent ( "persevering determination ") in pursuing the mission of the organisation , maintaining values and checking that the overall strategy is being achieved. I don't think St Paul was suggesting checking all the labels on the envelopes are the right way up , but was saying a leader has to deliver and be.

And the sector certainly demonstrated diligence in securing the scrapping of the charity tax! So leadership as diligence I like!

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