Saturday 16 June 2012

A Commanding Presence!

Lesley-Anne Alexander is now to Command the British Empire. Entirely appropriate for a former judo black belt!

Great news today to see my Chair honoured in today's Birthday Honours with a CBE.

In addition to her role at RNIB, Lesley-Anne has been Chair of ACEVO, for nearly 4 years . In her role as Chair I've seen her as passionate about developing the individual abilities of sector CEO's, ensuring that talent amongst emerging leaders is both recognised and nurtured so that our sector’s impact is maximised for the generations that follow.

She is also noted for her drive in developing relations between ncvo and ACEVO and it is her inspiration that will lead to our move in the first week of September into our new office in ACEVO-ncvo towers!

In fact Lesley- Anne is the third of my chairs to receive a CBE. The first was the redoubtable Geraldine Peacock, then the Osborne slayer John Low. She has demonstrated fantastic thought leadership. In particular through her determination to assert the collective power of the sector to bring about changes to the way our country is governed for the better.

I admire Lesley-Anne both as the feisty leader of one of the world’s great charities , as a determined chair of ACEVO battling for the sector as a whole, and as a thoroughly likeable and amusing colleague.

As a CEO who you get as a Chair can occasionally be a lottery. The CEO- chair role is central to how a charity operates effectively. If it goes wrong it can be a disaster. I've been lucky with my Chairs and I can tell you working with Lesley Anne has been great!

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