Thursday 10 November 2011

In the Pulpit!

Yes, I was in the Pulpit last night. Chelmsford Cathedral to be precise. I was delivering the Keene Lecture on " Faith in the Community". I argued there were two strands to faith working in communities; the role of the " Samaritan " in doing charitable works and in giving , and the role of the activist in pursuing social justice . You can read it here.

And pleasant to have dinner beforehand with the Dean. It turns out he is one of the Trustees of the Churches Conservation Trust , Crispin Truman the CEO, is a long standing ACEVO member.

We have a a number of faith based members in organisations like The Church Urban Fund, Stewardship and the CEO of the Church of England amongst others. And our special interest group for faith based organisations chaired by former ACEVO Board Member Fran Beckett, is having a relaunch as of January 2012. More on this soon.

It was rather fun being up there in the pulpit surveying the contrarily below. First time but hopefully not the last. I always rather fancied being a Bishop.

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