Thursday 23 June 2011

Making impact!

Well, our gallant Third Sector Minister has certainly noticed my arrival back on the sector scene. The acevo Big Society Commission had a fruitful session with Nick Hurd MP this week and I manage to put my chair leg directly over his foot. Fortunately our strategic grant is sorted.

And notice the use of the term "third sector", much beloved but lately sorely missed. One of my triumphs in the future forum reports was to get copious mentions of the third sector rather than the lame alternatives of voluntary sector etc. Increasingly I notice ministers also talking third sector. It's so much easier. I'm looking forward to Nick's U turn (so fashionable in government circles these days) when he too uses the term. Shall we have bets on when that might happen?

We are now into the recruitment process for the new CEO of the social investment business. We interview end july. David Fielding, headhunter supremo, is trawling the highways and byways of the City and Sector to find that special individual who will lead us to even greater triumphs.

We said goodbye to Jonathan Lewis last night with champagne in a down market pub by Goldman Sachs. Jonathan has put us on the map. A top class CEO who transformed the organisation. Our reputation as the UK's largest social investor should catch us a good next one.

At our Board meeting last night we discussed potential alliances across Europe with SIB, the Big Society Bank and European bodies. Watch this space for more news here. The SIB taskforce on social investment will be publishing its report soon.

And now I'm at ACEVO's annual CEO summit. The leading conference for chief executives in our sector. And great for me to renew contact with my members. They have missed me! And I have missed them - all those not in health that is!

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