Monday 6 June 2011

Getting closer...

Well , there was a deep irony in making further editing changes to the " Delivering real choice" report whilst sitting in the A and E at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. My partner has " tennis calf" , very painful. Delighted to say we were only there for just over an hour , so no need to compete then eh!

I spoke too soon on the Charlbury Big Society Library. There has been a public meeting and the good citizens of Charlbury have decided that it is not their role to subsidise the county council and that there are lots of other things which charlburiams are doing on volunteering.

So it's the final week for the deliberations. We have a meeting of the groups this week and it's off to the printers. I see that the politicians are still not quite able to get the "pause " thing and we are to get another speech tomorrow. Why can't they actually wait till our Report is out. It's only a matter of days. It must make our work look less relevant when they can't wait.

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