Friday 3 June 2011

Macmillan, Farrar , Lewis and Oxford

I was cooking the pasta when 2 nice ladies knocked at the door asking for money. I was delighted to oblige. They were from Macmillan Cancer Care! They asked me if I knew much about Macmillan and the work on cancer. I said oh yes indeed, but spared them a lengthy talk on just how much , or indeed my work in promoting integrated care pathways as part of the future forum. It would have been unkind.

So I signed the forms and wished them well. It goes without saying that Macmillan CEO , CiarĂ¡n Devane is an ACEVO member. They do great work. When silly people on the tory backbenches or in remote corners of our own dear third sector complain about big national charities they should remember the extraordinary work of the big cancer charities; saving lives, providing support and research and much needed patient centred services and hang their heads in shame.

We had a meeting of the 5 chairs of the Forum this morning to run through the 4 panel reports. Fascinating. Well, I now probably know more than I ever needed about Deaneries and things appertaining to medical training. They are like the lost tribe of Israel; looking for a home when the SHAs are abolished and my colleague Julie Moore, the formidable CEO of University Hospital Birmingham is looking at where they should go. I thought of offering them ACEVO as a home; I fancy being a Dean after all, but Julie is not to be messed with! All very important obviously. And then there are clinical cabinets. Or are they clinical senates?

And then we got stuck into competition! I read them the magnificent final paragraph of my report introduction about which I'm inordinately proud. We shall see how the other bits go down!

But frankly I think there is more consensus on this issue than might appear on the surface or in the media and politicians' speeches. You can judge for yourselves when it is published. I made a bid for exclusive rights for my report to be revealed on my Blog but I was suppressed.

My rather excellent DH minder is now beavering away adding impressive footnotes, academic references ,tidying my spelling and drafting the bits I've left and generally making sense of it all. She will deserve an OBE after all this. Or a secondment to ACEVO which is better.

I break off to see the new CEO of the NHS Confederation , Mike Farrar. He is 11 days into the job. Very keen to develop better links with the third sector. And as the Confed is a charity he can join ACEVO. How cool is that.

Home early to the strawberries. And of course Coronation St. It has rather disrupted evening receptions this week: I've turned them all down so I don't miss an episode. I love soaps. Sad I know but its a great form of relaxation.

And in between times I sign off the ads and job briefs for the new CEO of the Social Investment Business. Jonathan Lewis is moving on. Jonathan has been a top class CEO. He has really grown SIB. It was his vision that led the Adventure Capital Fund bidding to run Futurebuilders and win it. And then run it with great success. After 4 years he is moving on. Naughty to go so soon. I think 10 years is a proper stint on a CEO post don't you?!! But I wish him well.

So look out for the Job Ad in the Sunday Times this week. We want the best. It's the UK 's top social investor. Others talk social finance. We do it. Must be one of the best jobs in the sector. And a Chair that understands the importance of letting the CEO do their job.

Tomorrow I have a well deserved day off. I'm off to Oxford to see my nephew Oliver row in his College ( Brasenose) first Eight and then take my Director of Strategy , the estimable Seb Elsworth to dine on High table in my old College. And hopefully see my other 2 nephews who are also at Oxford. The Bubb tribe at Oxford. As it should be. Surely time for my honorary doctorate? That's if I can't be a Dean...

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