Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Attacking charities

Neil O ' Brien of the Policy Exchange should be ashamed of himself. In an attack on a range of incredible charities ( big charities, hiss boo ).
Ike Bernardo's , Turning Point ,Mind and Age UK amongst others he writes ,

" But can this Big Idea get a fair hearing if the bosses of top charities attack it? Right now popular and well known charities, hooked on the crack cocaine of government handouts, are wailing like mad as their grants are reduced, and they are turning their ire on the Big Society.
State-funded charity?
As charities have become more and more dependent on the state over recent decades, they have become exposed to the budget cycle in government.
Views about the right relationship between charities and the state differ. Bosses of large charities have steadily accepted more and more cash from the state over recent years. The traditional left perspective is that there is no problem with the government funding charities. In contrast, speaking for the libertarian right, Guido Fawkes has pithily observed that “A charity that relies in the main part on taxes is no more a charity than a prostitute is your girlfriend”

Yet again we have someone who fails to understand that big charities are being contracted to provide services which otherwise the Sate would provide. We are contracted to do so because our service delivery is more customer focused and often more cost effective. these are not cash handouts or the beneficent gift of a dotting State.

So shall we get the script right Neil. Do you think that the Government should pursue it's policy of opening up public services to a diversity of suppliers. .

Or do you think we should tender on the basis that we offer these services for free ( though obviously the private sector would be paid ) ?

Or are you saying we should withdraw from all service delivery and only provide those services where we can. Fund raise?

And do you think that Serco and Capita should stop accepting all that cash from the State? After all they are mainly funded from The State' contracts.

The attack is unpleasant and accompanied by insulting language which damages a poor case. Fortunately people trust charities a darn sight more than they do think tanks. You should ne ashamed of yourself Neil.

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