Monday 31 January 2011

Don't you dare!

A shocking story in the Sunday Times which suggests that the Government have reviewed the contract of Dame Suzi Leather because of her outspoken comments on issues like public schools and the cuts. The report says,

"She should be given some time to prove she can work constructively with us," said a Government source. "But her appointment is in the gift of the Secretary of State. He can terminate it. We want to see a different approach at the Charity Commission and an end to the politically motivated statements."

Well, just you dare. Suzi has the confidence of the sector. We applaud her for speaking about how cuts are damaging charities. That is her job. She is not a Government stooge. The idea that the appointment of the Chair of the Charity Commission should be dependent on the political whims of a Government Minister is disgraceful.

I shall be seeing Francis Maude and Nick Hurd later and shall ask for a denial. We need to beware. As things start getting nastier we can expect more attacks from unnamed sources. The snide remarks about big charities are but a start. But members will always be able to rely on ACEVO to speak out. Any members who have any pressure applied should contact me. I'll be watching this one carefully.

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Jason Crabtree said...

Beware indeed. Given previous post ("more attacks on charity", Wed. 26th) the way things are going would indicate no need for a Charity Commission at all - to be replaced by the Big Society Society, volunteers who will coordinate the volunteers etc.