Monday 20 December 2010

Snow and Greg

Here are photos of my gorgeous cottage in Charlbury in the snow. Just right for Christmas!

I do enjoy the snow. And the Hound loves it!

I'm just off for a meeting with Greg Clark MP to talk about the Localism Bill and the opportunities for the sector. I'm interested particularly in the chance for local and large charities to work together on the " right to challenge" over the delivery of services in the new Bill. In the delivery of disability , education , jobs and children's services there is real potential for joint working. Charities like Action for Children already have such partnerships; marrying the logistical and managerial skills in larger charities with local community reach and knowledge.

Of course the context of council cuts could not be more difficult. It is becoming clearer that many members are particularly worried about cash flow. I have heard of one charity bankrupted, not by any problem on their accounts or business model but they did not have cash flow as the public sector would not pay bills on time and delayed to the point where they simply ran out of money.

Most third sector bodies have very limited reserves- often less than 3 months. In the face of threats of delays by councils and health authorities to payments so they can save a few pence I know some members are taking action to build reserves- one by selling assets.

It is often thought that a time of recession means the weaker and less efficient organisations go to the wall. This is not always true in our sector.
So the opportunities in the new Bill are welcome- indeed herald an historic change in relations between the sector and the local state. But it will be a bumpy ride!

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