Wednesday 29 December 2010

That was Christmas that was!

Allison Ogden Newton's Blog of Christmas prompted me to a reflection on the Bubb Christmas!

One of the highlights was the Festival of 9 Lessons and Carols at Southwark Cathedral. It was packed out. I nearly got stuck in the N Transept which would never do so I managed to transoprt myself and Head Hunter extraordinaire Mr Fielding to the Choir where we had both an excellent auditory and visual experience of the excellent choir. In 2010 the Cathedral has been celebrating the remarkable reign of the Rev Henry Sacheverell. In 1709 he had become so incensed at the actions of the then Government that he preached a number of sermons deriding them. He became both celebrated and notorious. And the Government were not happy. So in 1710 he was charged with seditious libel and convicted to a 3 year suspension of preaching. The public were outraged and the Government humiliated. The Government subsequently fell. In recognition of the courage of the Rev , Queen Anne gave her Arms to the Church where they can still be seen today. It demonstrates the importance of the Church's role in speaking out,particularly on behalf of the marginalised and excluded. That must always be a role for the Church and their voice will be much needed in the coming years.

I guess it's a sign of old age but after a gorgeous Christmas repast and fine wines my aged parents and I fell asleep on the sofas ( my sister Lucy said the noise of snoring was quite appalling ) and didn't get round to opening Christmas presents till after 8 pm! And to think as a child I could hardly wait to get at my stocking and sack left by kindly Santa !

Now I'm down in Devon , in Hope Cove , at my brother Nick's for the usual Bubb clan New Year get together. It's my mothers 81st birthday tomorrow. We shall be celebrating!

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