Wednesday 28 April 2010


I am not sure any of us were thinking of how we played our policy proposals to the respective Parties in the event of a Hung Parliament? Of course it is still to early to predict all this and we should be wary the punters who are calling the results now!

But if there were a Hung Parliament would that be good for the sector?

As an oldie I remember the last time we had a Government with no majority and a Lib- Lab pact. It was not edifying and we were all relieved when an Election within nine months sorted it.

The problem is that a search for consensus often leads to a lowest common denominator approach to decisions. Nothing bold or innovative happens as you can always find a bunch of MPs to naysay it. The worst outcome would be a fumbling attempt to cut the deficit by salami slices rather than a radical approach to reform. The call from The Institute for Fiscal Studies for clarity is correct.

The Lib-dems policy on public service reform and the role of the sector is less than clear. Would they support a Social Investment Bank for example: and one with proper funding. Of course a Hung Parliament may stop the sillier and more extreme proposals of any one Party but I think whoever said no none actually votes for "hung" as opposed to a Party was right.

Still, there is a tempting thought that for the clever third sector lobbyists this would be a marvellous time to play off each of the three of them. A bidding war! Who can give us most! And ACEVO is adept at pushing the Chief Executive agenda with whoever and whichever.

Anyway, our brains at ACEVO Towers are sitting in a darkened room, with wet towels thinking how we play this!

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