Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Nail in coffin of Lobbying Bill?

The Commission on Civil Society (www.civilsocietycommission.info), chaired by Bishop Harries, has produced its first report today. My Chair Lesley-Anne is a member. The report clinically dissects the Government's arguments that this is not a threat to civil society's right to engage in public debate at election time and our right to speak truth to power. And its proposals try to make the most of the opportunity the Bill gives us, to help write better election law.

It is now down to the Lords to argue that more time and consultation is necessary to get this right. It's clear the Electoral Commission have grave doubts about the workability of this Bill so it must be right to pause and consult. There is time to do this. Let's hope wise counsels prevail and the Lords do their job as the revising chamber.

Here's a copy of the report

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