Tuesday 24 September 2013

The Fringe

One of the more interesting aspects of the Party Conferences are the extensive fringe meetings that take place around and about. Certainly better than listening to much of the leaden "oratory" of the politicians in the Conference Hall. 

Yesterday was a bumper crop- a good session organised by the Charity Aid Foundation where there was an interesting collection of speakers. David Babbs (no relation!) the Director of 38 Degrees gave a fascinating speech and outlined why we have to oppose the so called Lobbying Bill and Gareth Thomas MP spoke about Labour ideas on volunteering. He made an interesting point about the need for the third sector to encourage staff to volunteer. And another speaker suggested we ought to be ensuring all our staff is in payroll giving. I'm going to take this back to ACEVO staff to discuss.

But course one of the highlights yesterday was the acevo fringe. A nice photo of my dear departing Deputy Dr Kyle (he leaves this week for his new role as CEO of working for youth). 

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