Thursday 17 January 2013


Somewhat lacking this morning after the fun of my dinner with old comrades last night. And I wake up to a request to speak to the good people of Birmingham, courtesy of BBC radio. It’s about the lottery; Camelot putting up the price of a ticket to £2.

If this means charities getting more money at a time of increasing problems then good. But will it put people off playing? Will Desmond see this as an opportunity to compete more and so lose us money. I guess not, when the Euro ticket is already £2.

Amazingly some 60% of the population play the Lotto. And let's remember over the years since it was established it has raised over £29 billion for good causes and over 30m a week is paid to charities- so it’s a significant source of funding for us.

And talking of energy, one of the things ACEVO does for its members is look to capitalise on its collective buying strength. Those of you who attended our superb Annual Dinner last November will recall the launch of the ACEVO Energy Basket. This is a brilliant way for members to save their organisation money on energy costs – an obvious burden for those with large or multiple properties. Basket members buy buying energy at group wholesale prices and get lots of other benefits too. There’s more info on the ACEVO website Get in quick – the more members in the Basket, the greater purchasing power it will have.

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