Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Food, glorious food...

Food, glorious food...

We are all fond of it! And these days I'm in for quality not quantity! A fascinating "Newsnight" yesterday about the battle being waged in the States with the big food companies for misleading labelling and the disgraceful sugar and salt etc additives in food. Should be compulsory viewing for all in DH. Jeremy- catch it on iplayer!

Apparently one wicked manufacturer doesn't put " sugar " on its ingredients but processed cane material. The valiant band of lawyers who fought the wretched cigarette manufacturers in ther States and won are now having a go with food giants. Good luck to them.

Pity we don't have such actions here. Frankly the supermarkets and food companies do the minimum to advertise sugar and salt and other additive content. The government should be forcing a common traffic light standard on all companies, and back that with a major promotion of what it all means. The same approach that worked so well back in the AIDS education days.

Government needs to be more muscular. Use legislation not persuasion; as these guys will do all they can to wriggle away. As consumers we need to be able to choose better. Good wholesome food is what we need. So often we get processed gunk in pretty packaging.

And hospitals and other institutions need to stop selling this gunk. Hard to get into St Thomas' hospital these days without walking past the shops selling sweets and chocolate and the coffee stores selling muffins. Even the restaurant has sweets near the counter. If the DH and hospitals can't take the healthy food agenda seriously where are we?

With diabetes the fastest growing long term condition its time for action. It's not hippy to want well baked wholemeal bread. Cereals without additives and packaging that tell us it's " healthy"! Ready meals that don't contain major chemical additions.

Acevo has a task force on the prevention agenda for health.

Time we got serious about it. End of rant!

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