Friday 27 August 2010


Branding is important. All CEOs know that a charity or social enterprise brand is a key part of the image you want to portray. But when to change? When to update? Sometimes it just becomes obvious. Spastics and deaf and dumb may have been fine once but are now rightly seen as patronising and offensive. So those charities needed to change. But then there is the danger you choose something fashionable now but not in a decade.

Then there is the cost of change. Some charities try and do this very professionally, with outside consultants. And the results can be good. But I do remember when I was at the National Lottery Charities Board we got a new Chair and a new broom re our name! Consultants hired at some expense. A meeting of Directors where we were asked to say what "Colour" we thought we were. And if we were an animal what would it be. Yawn.
And the result? New name; "Community Fund". One sort of thought we could have devised that ourselves at no cost!

I've resisted renaming ACEVO. Although we always talk about "third sector leaders" ACETS didn't quite work. We have, at no cost, revamped style as we have gone along. It's been enough.

But do we need to review in the light of "Big Society"? I have rejected "Network of Big Society" on the ground of the acronym. Perhaps Big Society Leaders Network, or Big Society Network for short? Would it catch on?

In the recent inclement weather one would not be without an umbrella. And the hound helpfully carries it. Here she is in Charlbury!

I am off to Devon for the Bank Holiday. Another gathering of the Bubb clan. This time at Hope Cove, Devon (Cornwall is far too crowded these days!). My brother has a cottage in this beautiful small fishing village on the South Devon coast, near Salcombe. Fabulous walks along National Trust land along the coast. Can't wait!

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