Wednesday 27 August 2008

Piffle and the States

Good old Boris. It is worth reporting what Boris said recently,

" If you believe the politicians , we have a broken society , in which the courage and morals of young people have been sapped by welfarism and political correctness . And if you look at what is happening at the Beijing Olympics you can see what piffle that is . "

This is not to say that there are not significant problems in our society . Third sector organisations working with young people understand only to well the effects of poverty , of drugs and alcohol and worklessness. But does this betoken the wider claim that society is broken? However whatever arguments you might have on whether this is a justified claim or not it is good to have the Leader of our main opposition party giving such close attention to social issues and highlighting the role the third sector can play in resolving them .

And the Government too focus serious attention on our sector. This is a time of great opportunity for the sector. Whilst the economy slips into recession I still believe the prospects for the sector remain Strong . Indeed one could argue when public spending is tight Governments are forced to look at more innovative and effective means of delivery .And so our role is strengthened. Though clearly we must watch those who think this is a smart way of cutting coasts by getting us to deliver on the cheap . Bur a professional third sector will be alive to that con and will resist it.

It is good to have politicians who buck the party line , as Boris has done,and show character. There will be many people looking across the Atlantic this week who are wishing we had the sort of politician who inspires and motivates in the way Barack Obama does. My partner has recently returned from New York City and had brought me back some Obama campaign button. I have one on my jacket now.Why can't we have someone here who inspires us to hope for change and makes us feel good and alive to the possibilities of a better society? I'm afraid neither Brown or Cameron quite fit the bill. Our politics come across dead and it is hardly surprising voters are apathetic. Politics is dominated by attack and denigration , not hope and aspiration . Will it change?

My head of International Affairs is off to the States for a month ; to go to the Clinton Foundation Conference and to meet key not for profit figures. He has 73 meetings booked already .No slouch when it comes to networking is our Filippo Addarri.But what a cool place to be over the next few months.

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