Tuesday 12 August 2008

Learning Globally

acevo and Euclid will be hosting our international conference, renamed the Global Learning Forum, in London on October 16th. As you’ll notice there’s a new name, representing our new focus. Here at acevo there’s been a heavy drive to introduce a fresh vitality for this sort of work, as we really do think this will become increasingly significant to our members. Looking abroad is increasingly important in our global age; it provides an opportunity for third sector leaders in the UK to access a wealth of information and resources, access funding opportunities and can be an excellent form of professional development.

At the conference we will also be launching the findings of an international study on the sector's role in public service delivery. Public service reform, as you know, is a huge issue for the UK third sector, but our knowledge of how other countries are managing this change remains very poor. To address this, acevo is working with Euclid Network to produce an international comparative study on public service delivery which develops the dialogue between those involved in the non-profit sector in Europe, North America and Japan with acevo’s membership and key policy-makers here in the UK.

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